The Moshe Castel Museum of Art

A meeting point between the past and present through the eyes of one of Israel's greatest painters. This museum is dedicated to the life and work of Moshe Castel, whose artistic creations reflect the cultural, historical, and spiritual landscape of Israel. Thanks to rotating and permanent exhibitions, visitors are invited to explore his stunning works, from early paintings to later abstract pieces. The museum offers an immersive experience including workshops, lectures, and guided tours, allowing everyone to closely acquaint themselves with Castel's artistic and personal journey. We aim to transform the museum into a vibrant cultural hub that connects generations of artists, researchers, and art lovers. Come discover the magic of Moshe Castel's creation and experience an unforgettable artistic journey.


Sacrifice of Isaac, 1947

Moshe Castel Artwork

The Moshe Castel Museum of Art

Celebrating a Pioneering Spirit in Israeli Art
Invitation to Explore
Join us at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art to embark on a journey through the life and art of one of Israel's visionary artists. Discover the man behind the canvas and the historical backdrop to his celebrated works.
Moshe Castel: A Life Carved in Canvas
Moshe Castel captured the essence of Israel's spirit through his art. Born into the cradle of Jewish history, his works reflect the narratives of his homeland. Educated at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and later in Paris, Castel became a conduit for cultural expression, blending European influences with Middle Eastern traditions.
A Jerusalemite's Vision
From the mystical alleyways of Jerusalem to the forefront of the Israeli art movement, Castel's journey was one of creativity and innovation. His art evolved from early Sephardic themes to dynamic abstract expressions, encapsulating the struggles and triumphs of the Jewish people.
Artistic Milestones
Castel's illustrious career is marked by milestones that mirror the state of Israel's own evolution. His participation in the Venice Biennale and his exhibitions across the globe established him as a cultural ambassador, bringing the narrative of Israel's history and the Jewish experience to an international audience.
Artistic Milestones
Beyond his death in 1991, Castel's legacy endures through his art, which is displayed in public spaces and private collections worldwide. The museum dedicated in his name stands as a testament to his life's work, inviting visitors to explore the depth and breadth of his impact on the art world.


The Moshe Castel Museum of Art
Invites you to dive into the colorful and stunning world of one of Israel's most prominent painters. Through his works, which tell stories about the land and its culture, visitors experience an artistic journey through time that connects biblical past to contemporary modernism. The museum, with its unique design, offers a sensory and spiritual experience that inspires and empowers. A visit there is not just an educational journey into art but also a profound experience of beauty and meaning.

Bilha, On Her Birthday

The Artist in His Studio in Safed



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