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Castel in the KnessetCastel in the Knesset

Castel's wall work "Song of Glory to Jerusalem" from 1968 is forever in the Knesset.

In addition, Moshe Castel is one of a very few artists who have had a solo exhibition in the Knesset. The exhibition opened in December 1984, in preparation for the artist's 75th birthday. The catalog opens with words of congratulation on behalf of the Prime Minister of Israel and the Speaker of the Knesset at the time.

Sixteen works that were shown then in the Knesset exhibition are today with us in the Moshe Castel Museum in Ma'ale Adumim. All of them can be seen in the renovated permanent exhibition halls on the top floor of the museum.

Castel developed and perfected a unique and exclusive technique. Ten years passed between the works "Scrolls with Israel" (1948) and "The Tablets of the Covenant", and it took another seven years before he created "Song of Glory to Canaan", "The High Priest" and "The Tribes of Israel" - three phenomenal works that star side by side in the hall the center of the museum. One color stands out in each of these three masterpieces: green, blue, and red, and all three together express the artist's complete mastery of the material and demonstrate an extremely impressive ability to draw and sculpt from materials that no one had thought of using in modern art before.

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